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A Modified Design-Build Method

We believe there are at least 5 reasons why the Design-Build method ensures project success and client satisfaction:

  1. Unified Team Approach
    Frequently, architects and contractors disagree, with the owner caught in the middle. By unifying design and construction planning into one team, owners realize the benefits of a single source of responsibility.
  2. Budget Management
    Consistently reviewing the cost implications of design decisions throughout the design phase ensures that owners play a vital role in arriving at the final project cost.
  3. Earlier Completion
    Design-Build projects are completed in less time. The bid phase is shortened, scheduling and ordering can begin sooner, and potential problems are uncovered early.
  4. Great Communication
    Communication is a key ingredient to the success of a project. Yes, the final results will be beautiful, but the journey to get there is just as important. Excellent communication will greatly lower stress during this journey together.
  5. Quality Control
    Design-Build brings clarity to material and construction specifications. This helps the entire team work in unison with a clear understanding of what’s specified and expected.

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