We Do More Than Construct, We Are Constructive

Lot Purchase Assistance

We assist you in finding the right lot for your home, and walk you through the purchasing process. This gives you the ability to gain equity on the land you purchase.


We do in house designing or will work directly with your Architect / Designer. By allowing us to be a part of the design team from the begining allows us to better control cost as well as eliminate any potential issues before construction begins. We can also build off of existing plans you may already have.

Interior/Exterior Designing

We help you choose the right materials for your budget, from windows and doors to cabinets and appliances. We work closely with you, our suppliers and our subcontractors throughout the entire project.


We believe in an “open-book” policy to alleviate any concerns with respect to establishing fees. We will provide you with a complete line item budget for the project. Any upgrades or downgrades are itemized and addressed bi-weekly in writing.

We provide you with a complete schedule on the project. We utilize Gantt charts split into phases. This keeps you informed of the progress, what needs to be discussed, and choices that need to be made throughout the project.

Flat Fee Basis

We charge a flat fee for our services and do not add cost for supervision. Our fee is based on the size and complexity of the project, not a percentage of the total cost. The amount is determined in the early stages of the design phase and is billed as the job progresses. We do not require any up-front fees or deposits.