J & L Development

By the numbers

• 34 years in business.
• 18 experience working with Christian based organizations.
• 07 phases: The Ambrose School.
• 05 phases: Life Church Boise.
• 05 development projects: Eagle Christian Church
• 05 phases: LifeSpring Star.
• 03 phases: Rockharbor Church.
• 02 phases: Harvest Church Boise.
• 35 + Christian based building projects to date.
• 02 average number of building projects per year.
• 10 million average annual revenue.
J & L ~ a small company with a large footprint in the Christian based construction industry

Fee Structure:
We work on a “flat fee” structure based: Depending on the size of the project, our “flat fee” will be based
on 3% to 8% of the total cost of the project. Once our fee is established, it will not change.

Preconstructions Services:Included in “flat fee”
Job Supervision: Included in “flat fee”
Up Front Cost: No up front costs
Change Orders: We do not “mark up” Change
Order Billing Cycles:
Once a month on % of completion using AIA approved documents.

We are Jesse and LeaAnn Ferrer, Principles of J and L Development.
We have been married for 33 years and are members of Eagle Christian Church, attending there for 15+ years.
We have two grown children, one dog, and 14 chickens!
We love Christ and we love what we do.